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Wednesday, October 29, 2003
Trailer analysis
Steven Spencer has an analysis of the Revolutions trailer on his site.

Sunday, October 12, 2003
Even more Metacortechs resources
Nick Douglas writes:
I found a site for those playing the Metacortechs metagame:’s forum for Metacortechs

A third resource.

The game reminds me of a similar PR campaign for the film "A.I." That campaign began with a credit for "Jeanine Salla, Sentient Machine Therapist:"

If you Google "Jeanine Salla," you get this page.

You can link from her site to trip down a rabbit hole into a fictional world with sentient houses and androids that create genetically enhanced humans.

Nick's site is here.

Wednesday, October 08, 2003
More on Metacortechs
Some readers have pointed me towards this additional information on Metacortechs at
The Watchowski (sp?) brothers have started an extremely immersive experience that only hones our hunger for the third installment of this great series.

Starting in late September, MetaCortechs's site became active. Within days, people began to realize how deep the rabbit hole really goes, with the WB (Watchowski Brothers) creating an authentic-looking hosting company to host MetaCortechs's site, as well as several other sites that were created by MetaCortechs "employees".

As of October 4, these are the websites that are related to this stunt: (the fake company set up by the WB to host all these Matrix-stunt-related websites)

While this is undoubtebly an incomplete list, and the WB are probably holding back some information that'll they'll be releasing the closer we get to Nov. 5 (Matrix Revolutions release date), these websites themselves contain enough information and enough goodies to keep you entertained and immersed and freaked out for days to come.

Tuesday, October 07, 2003
Several readers have pointed out this link:, supposedly the company that Neo works for in The Matrix.

Truck Address
Reader Chris writes:
I picked up the current issue of Cinefex (issue 95), and there are a good amount of photos from The Matrix Reloaded, as well as some behind the scenes pictures, like an overhead photo of the fake highway. There is one interesting detail I never noticed before: the addresses on the colliding trucks. They are:

10101 Metropolitan Street
City F.C.

US DOT (obscured)
MC 303030

GIDIM Trucking
303 Lane St
City F.C.

US DOT 1001331
MC 303101

I don't remember the address on the City Waste Disposal truck, but I'm guessing
that it has a lot of 3s and 1s in it? It's also interesting to notice that
there is no "Elm" street or "Oak road" in Mega City, just Lane Street and
so on. Makes sense. But what does F.C. stand for?

Reader "the sherlock" writes:
In watching the Revolutions preview, Neo wakes up in a white train/subway station and on the wall is written Mobil Ave. This is about the part in the preview where (sounds like) the Oracle says Neo is "in a place between this world and the machine world".

Mobil is an anagram for Limbo.

Neat eh?

Wednesday, October 01, 2003
More about the new trailer
Reader Mike writes, in response to the previous post:
The giant spiky thing doesn't grant Neo any Real World powers, he gives him more freedom in the Matrix. If you watch it, you can see a needle behind Neo that gets injected into his head.

Second, Cypher doesn't come back, it's Bane, who in Reloaded was infected with Smith.

Also as a final note, If you look towards the end of the trailer, you see Neo and a beam of light colliding. If you look carefully, you can see the light is in the shape of a sentinal. Just thought I woul put that out there for future discussion.