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Friday, March 12, 2004
"Neo is the One. Smith is the Many. Throughout history, the battle has always been on whether we must believe in the Truth, or merely the many truths."

Marcelle Fabie has two fine essays on the continuing arrival of fresh views about the world of the Matrix.

There have indeed been many theories before, including religious allegories and philosophical references. And this is among the many reasons why the trilogy was so endearing. But one point of interest in Marcelle's piece is because he writes his essays after the trilogy ended.

Monday, March 01, 2004
Brian Takle's take and essay on Matrix:Revolutions.

"What compelled me to write for Reloaded was frustration. Everyone seemed to be missing the point. With Revolutions, even though many people are still not getting it, I have seen an astounding, deeply gratifying wealth of insight..."

For those who still need a fix on cloudy issues about the film, or just want more illumination, Brian Takle has an essay about Matrix:Reloaded. It's an evolving document and should fill anyone's need for more on the subject.