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Tuesday, December 04, 2007
The Matrix Tarot
Daniel Böttger writes of an eye opening reinterpretation that is apparent now that he mentions it:

"Something very fascinating I found, which is so obscure it has apparently escaped everyone's attention so far, but is really very obvious once you look at it, is the movie's very close relation to the story structure of "The Fool's Journey", an concept from Western esotericism. It is related to Joseph Campbell's "Hero with a thousand Faces" prototypical myth, but is arguably integrated into the film much more closely. It explains a lot of things: such as how Trinity and the agents Jones, Smith and Brown got their names, why Morpheus was held in a tower, not in a proper prison, or why all extras in the scene with the woman in red are twins or doubles.

I made a video about it that illustrates my point: please see it here."

Thanks, Daniel.

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PD Wood has completed a fourth and final episode Matrix 4- The Super Matrix which answers most of the questions and mysteries set up in the previous screenplay.

You can check ou the site and download the document here. (Now in "official screenplay" format.)

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